Monday, August 24, 2009

My New House

It looks like I spoke a little too soon. I won't be coming home next Tuesday like I thought I might need to. Which is a sigh of relief. I'm very tired from this summer but not tired of Mexico. I'm surprised I'm not tired of this place.
I translated the story for the kids today. I really enjoy translating. Especially translating Bible stories or testimonies because when I'm speaking truth--deep, loving truth--that comes from the what God has done in peoples' lives, I get this feeling from the inside. It just makes me smile. It's this good, whole feeling. It's beautiful. The Holy Spirit is absolutely right there with me as I translate in the ministries here.

The reason I was thinking I might need to come home next Tuesday is because that's the day the last two interns leave from here. And I'm not about to live in Mexico by myself. Since I came back in November, Rosi and I always joke about them adding a room to the house for me. Well, all that joking will be a reality next Tuesday night. This summer, Rosi and Ricardo were built an addition onto their home which allows them more space for bedrooms. So Perla (Rosi's 16-year-old sister) and I will be staying in one of those added rooms. This will not be all fun and games. I thought I've had it rough up to this point. At their house, there is no running water. Which makes a whole lot of things harder to do. Shower, flush the toilet, do laundry, do dishes, cook, and you could probably think of more. Before the addition was added, they were living in a 16'x25' house with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living room. With the addition it's double the size. Perla and I will have a room that's about 10'x10' or a little more.

Here are some pics of the fam around the house. You can't see much but it gives you an idea.
This is Isaac inside the house.
This is Isai infront of the house.The whole fam in the living room.
This is Perla who I'll be sharing the room with. I love her!


Jaime said...

sarah! this is so exciting!! you are going to have a blast living with ricardo and rosi!! enjoy it! :)

Marlene said...

wow! so you're not coming back? Shamin told me you were, but apparently God is keeping you there! Awesome! No running water is REALLY hard. You are so brave!

Evan Hartsell said...

Missional living at its finest. What a blessing Sarah! Looking forward to hearing more stories!