Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love One Another

I teach the 3rd grade class every Sunday at South Hills and I sent this email to a parent of one of my students (names changed)...

Hi Jessica,

I have Jill in my 3rd grade class during second service every Sunday and I wanted to share something special that happened last Sunday. We were playing duck duck goose with all of the kids in the classroom. The kids started calling Billy silly names. He laughed at first then got really upset, put his head down into his hands, and began to cry. The rest of the kids in the circle scooted away from him. Joey, a high schooler who teacher the class with me, stood up from his spot in the circle and went to fill up the emptiness on one side of Ethan and patted him on the shoulder trying to comfort him. Then, Jill got up and sat on the other side of him and reprimanded the other kids in the circle for saying such surtful things and that they shouldn't do that because they wouldn't like it if someone did it to them. She remained next to him, the game went on, and he cheered up. It was a beautiful picture of standing up for the outcasts as God calls us to. You're doing something right with that girl. :) Thought you should know.