Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look at my new car!

A couple weeks ago I asked you guys to be on the look out for a cheap SUV. I need 4 wheel drive in Mexico because all of the streets are dirt off of the main highway. We live off the highway that runs all they way to the bottom of the Baja. It's always busy!

Anyways...I got a car. It was actually my dad's and he's selling it to me for a really good price. It's a 1993 Isuzu Rodeo. Manual locks and everything. Nothing too fancy but it's the perfect car to take with me to Mexico. And I think I'm going to be able to sell my car today for about the same price I bought it for 5 years ago. Praise God! Things are coming together.

Look at my new car!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mexico...I'm coming back!

So they said I can come back! I'm so excited. It's really sweet to be able to know that soon I'll be back in Mexico and that will be my home. Of course it's a temporary home. My forever home is in Heaven! Yeah! That's exciting too.

I'm actually exctited to start raising support. Isn't that crazy! I'm excited to talk with my family and friends and families at South Hills about what I'll be doing for the next year. And asking them to pray for me because I definitely need it. And if they want to monthly support me for the next year. It's a big commitment but it enables people to be a part of what I'm doing. Even though I won't see them for a year they will still be involved in my life and the ministry in Mexico and all of the awesome things God is doing there. The growth of the kids and pastors and families and churches and teams from the States and me. It's really really exciting.

So I'll be going at the very beginning of November. What I think my role will be and what I really want is to pretty much take over for Tammie. She has four kids (Abby and Moriah are 7, Becka is 10, and John is 14) who she homeschools and is a mom for. She has to take care of her home and it stretches her so thin to be leading teams at the same time. Of course I know she will still be involved in the ministry because she loves it and has a hard time parting with it but I want her to be able to be a mom. So some of the things this role would when groups are there include are settling them in their living areas, making sure they have what they need in their rooms, organinzing cleaning duties throughout the week, supporting them in their VBS's with the kids at each church everyday and facilitating that to make sure it all runs smooth, setting out meals, organizing distributions of clothing and things in churches and communities throughout Maneadero and Ensenada, and much more I'm sure. That is by no means an exhaustive list. When groups are not there we'll have tutoring for our language study, Bible studies, and of course we will be working with the churches and supporting them in whatever ways they need. One thing Tammie and I agreed that we are excited about doing is helping each church to build a solid Children's Ministry. Encourage them to raise up leaders from their church, give them resources and training and have meetings to help them gain confidence and skills in teaching kids. It's definitely not an easy thing to do!

So I'm really excited. I've only said that 10 times already. Please pray for me as I get ready to go. That everything would fall together. That I can get everything organized and get lots of people praying for me and that I can get people to commit to supporting me on a regular, monthly basis. Or one time gifts are good too. I know some people can't afford to give everymonth but giving once they will be just as committed and involved in what we're doing in Mexico.

That's all for now. If you want please email me whenever. I love you guys. Thanks for joining me on this journey I have ahead of me!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The return is bittersweet

So I got home on Saturday. I hadn't cried about leaving until I saw Sheena (my best of friends) at the airport. I was filled with mixed emotions. So happy to see her but so sad to know that I would not see my friends in Maneadero, Mexico any more.

All I can seem to pray is "Take me back." Please, God, take me back. My heart is in Mexico.

I did a lot of crying at church yesterday. When I saw Debbie (my old boss). All through worship. I miss worship in Spanish. When our pastor Bret called me on stage. I cried through it all. My tears are because I miss it so much.

What do I miss...I miss church, I miss Rossy (one of the pastor's wives I became very close with. she is only two years older than me but is married, has a five year old and a three year old. crazy!), I actually kind of miss hosting groups, I miss having people around all the time, I miss speaking Spanish, I miss hearing Spanish, I miss the Romano family, I miss being called Sarita, I miss the kids running up and hugging me with their big, white smiles at church, I miss the small houses and modest surroundings, I miss spening so much time in the sun, I miss the ocean breeze. I'm sure I could go on but I shouldn't.

The burning question is "What are you going to do now?" To go back I have to raise $1,200 per month. That covers room, board, transportation, language study, Bible training, ministry costs and I don't even know what else. Yesterday I had to pray for strength against the criticism about this. Paying to work is not the American way. And it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to most people. I definitely don't want to have to raise my own salary but if that's what it takes to go back that's what I'll do. I could find a good paying job here and fit right back into my old ways of living. But that's not what I want. That's not where my heart is. I don't know how I'm going to raise the support. I don't know how I'm going to pay for everything. I feel like I'm always in the middle of not knowing anything. But I trust God. I trust that He is enough and if He wants me to go back I'll be able to get all the support I need. Everything is possible for our God!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I'll be home soon!

Only a week left. This summer has gone by really fast. I can't believe it's been three months.

But I'm coming back! I talked to Rick and Tammie about staying and it's worked out! There will be two other girls who will also be here for a year. They are arriving in Mexico a week after I leave. When we have groups I'll have a bigger role in leading VBS's with groups. Since Tammie needs to home school her four kids I am more than happy to take on that role and take it off her plate. When groups are not here I would really like to encourage the churches in their ministries. Like starting a teen girls Bible study at Francisco's church or helping in the Chilren's Ministries at different churches and raising up leaders there. But language is a big barrier. I'm going to have to study a lot!!

It's only a year though. Which could develop into more who knows. God knows.

Over this summer I have been very surprised by the love for this place that has grown in my heart. To be honest, the longer I'm here, the less I miss home. Which is a weird thing to think about. You would think it would be the opposite. But the more time I spend with the kids here and the pastors and their wives, the more I love them and grow closer to them. I know that this next year God is going to give me great friends and new family. Not that my current relationships could ever be replaced. One is silver and the other's gold! As the old kids song goes.

Please pray for me as I go through this transition. I'll be home August 16th through the end of October. Getting things ready and catching up with friends and family. Please pray that I'll get everything organized that I need to and that I can keep my focus on Christ through all of this. I want all that I do to be for His glory. And pray that I can stick close to Him all the time.

If you guys know of anyone selling a Jeep or a cheap SUV let me know. My little Acura will not make it down here on these Mexican roads!

I love you guys. I'll see you soon!!