Saturday, August 09, 2008

I'll be home soon!

Only a week left. This summer has gone by really fast. I can't believe it's been three months.

But I'm coming back! I talked to Rick and Tammie about staying and it's worked out! There will be two other girls who will also be here for a year. They are arriving in Mexico a week after I leave. When we have groups I'll have a bigger role in leading VBS's with groups. Since Tammie needs to home school her four kids I am more than happy to take on that role and take it off her plate. When groups are not here I would really like to encourage the churches in their ministries. Like starting a teen girls Bible study at Francisco's church or helping in the Chilren's Ministries at different churches and raising up leaders there. But language is a big barrier. I'm going to have to study a lot!!

It's only a year though. Which could develop into more who knows. God knows.

Over this summer I have been very surprised by the love for this place that has grown in my heart. To be honest, the longer I'm here, the less I miss home. Which is a weird thing to think about. You would think it would be the opposite. But the more time I spend with the kids here and the pastors and their wives, the more I love them and grow closer to them. I know that this next year God is going to give me great friends and new family. Not that my current relationships could ever be replaced. One is silver and the other's gold! As the old kids song goes.

Please pray for me as I go through this transition. I'll be home August 16th through the end of October. Getting things ready and catching up with friends and family. Please pray that I'll get everything organized that I need to and that I can keep my focus on Christ through all of this. I want all that I do to be for His glory. And pray that I can stick close to Him all the time.

If you guys know of anyone selling a Jeep or a cheap SUV let me know. My little Acura will not make it down here on these Mexican roads!

I love you guys. I'll see you soon!!

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Nicole Gross said...

Wow that's exciting Sarah! What a fun opportunity for the next year :) I'm excited you will be home so I get to see you before you go again! I'll keep an eye out for a car for you :) I'm excited to have you back in town! See you then!