Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marriage Worthy Food

Here, there's a common saying that if you know how to cook, you're ready to get married. I've been told I'm ready to get married a number of times!

Things I've been taught to cook since being in Mexico (get ready, this list is long!)
  • burritos
  • carne asada
  • enchiladas
  • chiles rellenos
  • flautas
  • pozole
  • tostadasmexican rice (here it's just called rice)
  • refried beans
  • empanadas
  • horchata (drink made from rice)
  • jamaica (drink made from dried flowers)
  • champurrada (drink made from corn flour, milk & chocolate)
  • fish tacos
  • lots of different salsas
  • homemade corn & flour tortillas
  • nopales (a type of cactus)

The list goes on. I just wanted to share my Mexican culinary skills with you.

Are you impressed?

So if you're in the mood for some authentic Mexican food, call me up. We can make a day of it.


Marlene said...

wow, that is so cool!!
I'm Mexican, and I don't even know how to make all those foods!! Very cool *high five*
And you're learning how to cook it the BEST way possible

Jennifer said...

I am SO impressed!! :)