Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year!

So I wanted to share some pictures of my New Year's with you guys. We invited all of the churches to the Second Floor to have dinner. It was so much fun to be mingle and laugh and joke around. And the dinner was delicious. Faustino made birria which is a popular soup here. I told some of you guys we were going to put goat in the soup but that didn't quite fit the budget. Here, a goat costs about 1,000 pesos which is about $75 and one goat only feeds 30 people or so I think. So we had birria with beef which was still great!

Inside was packed with people. Here's a picture of people eating. There was about the same amount of people eating outside.
Reynerio (waving) and Faustino (in the back). They were the chefs of the night.
After dinner we started the fireworks. Rick was the master firework lighter of the night. Here's a picture of some of the kids hanging out downstairs watching the fireworks.
And the grand finale was lighting our Christmas tree on fire. While we were in the States we left it outside to dry out and it lit right up! The flame got higher than the Second Floor. It was sweet. And hot.
Here are some of the kids watching the crazy flames of the Christmas tree.

After dinner and the fireworks and Christmas tree, we cleaned up a bit and then went to a church service. Most all Christians here go to a church service just before the new year strikes. To reflect on the blessings of God the year before and ask for his blessing in this coming year. And to surrender this coming year to him and to his plan.

Overall, it was a very good New Year's with lots of good friends.

Happy New Year to all of you guys and your families.


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