Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Don't get used to me posting so often. I'm just doing it as often as I can and when I actually have stuff to share.

So I just downloaded Skype. If you have Skype, hit me up. My Skype name is roney.sarah. If you don't know, Skype is a program you can download for free online to make calls using your Internet. Calls are free from Skype to Skype and a couple cents a minute to call landlines or cell phones. This is what I'll mostly be using to talk to all you guys. Leave a comment or email me (skaroney@hotmail.com) your Skype names so we can chat it up.

I have my first Spanish tutoring in just an hour! I want to get this language so bad!!!!

1 comment:

Neal C Benson said...

I'm on it, but rarely use it! I will look for you.