Monday, November 10, 2008

One Group Down

This has been a great weekend. It's been really fun to get my feet wet with groups again and slide back into it all. After the distribution and dinner on Saturday, we went to a soccer game between two of the churches. Iglesia Roca Fuerte beat Iglesia Rosa de Saron. Sunday we went to church at Rosa de Saron (Pastor Reynario) in the morning and Aposento Alto (Pastor Francisco) in the evening. Today, we hemmed up curtains for the apartments, went shopping in downtown Ensenada and had a final dinner and debrief together at Rick and Tammie's. The whole weekend was very fun. But I am very happy we don't have another group coming tomorrow as this group leave like we do in the summer. We have a break of about two weeks, I think.

I start Spanish classes tomorrow with Tammie. 2:00pm. I'm very excited. I want to get this language so bad. Please pray for me in that.

Also, please pray for my family. For God's direction and blessing and mercy. It's hard to be away when crazy things happen but I know He is in control.

With love.

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