Friday, November 14, 2008

Pictures with my Pops

Hi friends,

I like pictures and I know you do too. So I wanted to post a few of when my dad was here. If you don't know he did the coolest thing of taking time off work to drive me all the way down to Ensenada and hung out for a couple days. The first picture is in the car in Mexico. The drive to Ensenada follows the coast all the way down and it's beautiful. We drove my dad's 1966 Skylark down there and it was great weather. A little cold at times but great. We got into Ensenada last Monday at about 4pm west coast time. The next picture was taken on the way to dinner that night. We went to the best taco stand in Meneadero...Poblano's. The picture is of Kourtney, Casey, and Rafa who rode in the back seat on the way to dinner. The Skylark wasn't too happy with the extra weight in the back and bottomed out a couple times but we made it. The last picture was taken at breakfast the next day. We went to this cuagmante (I think that's how it's spelled) stand right down the road from our apartment. Cuagmante is a seafood soup they eat for breakfast here. It has shrimp and octopus and other seafood. It tastes really good but there are a few things you have to close your eyes for before you eat them. The soup comes in a big, white styrofoam cup and with tortillas.

Tonight, I'm going to a prayer service at Roca Fuerte. I'll be working with this church very closely for the next year. Each of us interns were assigned a different church to do ministry with. I'm so excited to be working with Ricardo and Rossy. I'll go to service at Roca Fuerte three times a week usually. Sunday morning for church. Wednesday evening for midweek church. And Friday evening for prayer service.

After the prayer service tonight we are having a surprise birthday party for Perla. Rossy's little sister. She's turning 16. Kourtney and I made a cake for her this morning for her mordida! They're going to have a fire outside of their house and music and it should be lots and lots of fun. I'll try to take some pictures to show you guys.

I love you all.
Please continue praying for me.
  • Please pray for me as I begin doing deeper ministry with Iglesia Roca Fuerte. That I can build deep relationships with people in the church. And that I would have the wisdom in where to step in and help. I'm not here to save the church or lead any ministries for them. I'm solely a support to provide them with resources and ideas and help raise up leaders and encourage people in the church to take become involved and take ownership of ministries in their church.
  • Also, please pray that my spanish would improve more and more every day!

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