Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rehab Center & Campo Almos

Yesterday I went with the boys and we started to put up a fence around a rehab center that will open sometime this summer hopefully. Freaking sick! It's in the middle of no where. The drive down there was beautiful. Winding roads through green hills/mountains. It's way more green around there than here in Maneadero (the name of the town I'm living in). The rehab center is pretty small. I would say one large room and six small rooms. But I'm sure they will have three or four people in each room at least (bunk beds!). They're also building a room where men will go who are just coming off drugs. With no windows and padded walls so they don't hurt themselves when they go through withdrawls.

Today Tammie took me to see Campo Almos (Camp Almos-Almos is the name of the guy who owns the fields) which is around the corner from their house except you have to drive through the fields on dirt roads quite a ways. It probably took about 10 minutes from the main road. Camp Almos is where the harvesters stay in the middle of tons of farming fields. They walk to the field they work at. We saw people harvesting radishes today. I've also seen asparagus and green onions growing around town. When we drove up I was surprised at how small it was and how few homes there were. I thought no more than 50 or 75 people could live there. Most of the homes were made using tarps. I asked Tammie how many people live there and she said a couple hundred during the summer! There are 10' by 10' rooms in which usually about 6 people live in. Pretty nuts what people have to do for a buck. Rick and Tammie have gotten to know a man named Beto who lived in that camp. He teaches at the school there ($100 per week). In August, one of the C&MA churches is starting a school and he is going to go over there to teach. And he's getting a raise so that's good!

It feels good to be here. I know I've only been here for a couple weeks but I could totally see myself staying for a while. But we'll see how I feel at the end of the summer. It's definitely hard to be away from people I love. I feel good right now but I'm afraid of getting really sad and homesick as the summer goes on. God is going to have to keep my heart refreshed!

I haven't gotten sick yet which is surprising because I think all of the other interns have. I definitely don't want to be in their place. Thanks to all of you guys for reading and praying for me.



Pam S said...

Great times. It sounds like Ensenada and the surrounding areas are getting under your skin! That's great to be kept busy but don't forget moments of solitude so you can hear from the Lord. Journal, journal, journal. Couple of cuties to hang with doesn't hurt either!
Marc Faircloth is now on staff as SM worship intern. We are considering a guy named Shawn Sawyer for worship pastor. No decision yet. Bonnie is doing fine though a bit overwhelmed with details (I'm sure you can relate). There are 2 babies in the office some days. Smileyago (Santiago) will giggle if you barely touch him. Cloie is beautiful and a sweetie too.
Miss you!!!!!!!!!!
Pam Schultz

Anonymous said...

Hey Roney Baloney
I had to sign in as anonymous because of course I don't know my password--Anyways--miss you!
had to clean my own fish bowl last week because Sam had some sort of fish disease and either threw up or had diarrhea all over his bowl! It was sick! There was a ring of orange goo all around the water line and the water itself you couldn't even see through it!! I thought he laid eggs or something! So I haad to clean it and he didn't even die. I think he misses you too--

Love Ya


P.S. I hate radishes

Sara said...

Hey, I miss being the other sara, it wierd....busy as usual here, lots of graduation announcements. Kids coming by the office cheering that they are "free"....remember those long days ago when you finished high school....and look at you now! As Regan would say, "I'm glad of you!" love & prayers, sam><>