Monday, June 02, 2008

Crazy fun!

On Saturday we went to the Baja and a couple of us went kayaking. The Baja is an off roading race. There was all sorts of cars like bugs, hummers, pick ups and dune bugs. It was a fun and needed day off! I wanted to show you guys some pictures!

The two guys in the kayaking pictures are my Mexican homies. Dan is on the right in the bottom picture. He's an intern here from Redding, CA. He'll be here for another two weeks. In the middle is Rafael. We call him Rafi. He's the brother of a Mexican pastor here. Both of these guys are freaking hilarious so it was a blast to go kayaking with them.
We work hard and play hard!
ps. How do you like my stunner shades?

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Anonymous said...

Miss miss miss you! Im glad you guys got to go out and venture! Don't forget to post some prayer requests! Love you!


P.S. Love the stunner shades!