Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here Goes Nothing!

Thank you guys for your comments. It's really good to know people care enough me to come on here and read this and are thinking about me.

We went up to San Diego yesterday morning. Ran some errands and went to this sick restaurant for dinner. It's called Rocking Baja Lobster. If you're in San Diego ever you should totally check it out. The lobster tacos are so good!

At 4am today we took Dan (one of the interns) to the airport. It was sad to see him go but I know this summer will be filled with goodbyes.

And hellos! Our first group came in today. The summer has officially started! There are actually two groups. One from Mo-something. I want to say Modesto, OR but I know that's not right. The other is from Eugene, OR. I have been put in charge of going over chore stuff during orientation and carrying that stuff out through the week and leading VBS teams this summer. I'm pretty stoked on it. At first I was nervouse because I don't feel like I have strong leadership qualities and it made me nervous that I was going to be expected to tell all these people what to do this summer. There will be about 350 people coming through here in 3 months. But with a lot of encouragement from the Romano's and the interns I feel a lot better about it. And I'm excited to work on my leadership skills and improve in that area.

Please pray for health and safety as we begin hosting groups. It takes a lot of time and energy and running around. Also pray for relationships between us interns and the Romano's and the teams. Not that there are any problems but just that we would all be one in purpose and that we would work together as a healthy, unified body of Christ.

Thank you guys for your love and support.

I love you guys!

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