Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Duck tacos, anyone?

Something silly I miss about Mexico are my ducks.

Nacho and Nacha.

I think about those ducks a lot because here at my mom's house, there are a bunch of ducks that live on the lake out back. They come up from the lake to my mom's back yard to eat whatever they eat from the grass. It makes me smile. To know someday those ducks in Mexico will look like them. If Perla doesn't kill them before they grow up. Which, if I'm honest, I wouldn't be too surprised by.

Maybe one day I'll see them again in Mexico. Or in Duck Heaven.

Amendment: Funny, but not really...Immediately after writing this, I checked my email to find this..."la nacha se murio el isai la piso solo queda nacho." Translation: "Nacha died. Isai stepped on her. It's just Nacho left." Sad news. But, like I said, I'm not surprised. Maybe they'll make duck tacos.


KourtneyLeigh said...


Steph said...

OMG NACHA!! That is so sad... but it's ok.. I liked Nacho way better :) Love you girly!

MrBabysM said...

OMG, my son had chickens, baby ones, when we left Bolivia, I am hoping they are ok. I haven't heard anything about them, either way. Now I am really worried. He wants his chickens back, and bad. He loved those chickens. He named them after his brothers and sister. I think it's time to email and outright ask. Sorry about Nacha, I hope Nacho doesn't have the same or a similar fate. Are you going back to Mexico?