Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I hate planning

Hello all,

It's been a while and I don't even know who might still read this. But that's ok...This is really just me thinking in my own head. I like to write things down. So lately I've been thinking a lot about what's next for me. Right now, I'm a receptionist in the construction field. And I hate it. So I'm looking to see what's next.

Some thoughts have been

Substitute teacher
Start a small business in Mexico
Work with the ministry I was with for a year in Mexico again

Nursing is at the top of my list right now. It requires going back to school for two years which is the only down side. And I'm not positive that I'll like it. But I'm going to look into what kind of schooling is offered around here and if I can swing going to school full-time and working full-time. And I've heard the nursing degree is tough. But I have some money saved up which I could use if I couldn't do both school and work.

It's looking pretty good.


Jennifer said...

yay! That's exciting!! :) Are you back out in Vegas again or are you in Rochester or where are you?!

Sarah said...

Yep, I'm back in Vegas. Working as a receptionist. And trying to be ok with that. :)