Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lots of Smiles

I just told Casey how I can't believe it is only 6pm. I'm already so tired. This morning we drove out to the Boys Home like we do every Tuesday and Friday. I brought along my camera because we had plans to learn how to make corn tortillas after class so I decided to take some pictures while we were with the boys. Teaching them English is slow going and sometimes it seems like they might not even want to learn. But they do their best. Usually. And it's been really fun to get to know them and know that they see a difference in our lives and what we live for than the lives of their friends and the gangs they have been a part of. Here are some pics and a video of our time today.
From left to right: Cozmel, Daniel, Jaime, & Miguel

Please pray for Daniel and Cozmel to realize Christ's love for them and realize there's nothing better in this world. They the draw their gang signs in class and still talk about going back to their same old lives when they get out of the rehabilitation center. Please pray that their heart would be softened to hear and understand the words of God they're hearing each day.

After class, we drove to Rosi's house. Last night, she invited us over to learn how to make corn tortillas with her from a woman named Ruth who goes to Roca Fuerte (the church I go to each week). We got there an hour late which Rose actually thanked us for. This is Mexico. So I can't say I'm any expert tortilla maker but it was a lot of fun.

Ruth...She was the expert tortilla maker!

That's my tortilla Sergio's eating. Doesn't it look good!

Ricardo being silly for the camera

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