Monday, December 01, 2008

Missing Home

Today was hard.

It's the first day I've really been bored. Nothing to do.

We were supposed to go to the States so switched around my Spanish class schedule but it ended up that we couldn't go because the car we needed to take went into the shop on Saturday and isn't done yet.

And last night I was in a bad mood because I was just getting frustrated not being able to understand and speak Spanish. Sometimes I feel good about the level I'm at and then other times I just can't seem to get through a sentence. I spent all afternoon yesterday with Rosi, Ricardo and Perla. We went to visit a boy from Durango (the area Roca Fuerte is in) then we walked around Walmart and a little shopping mall, and got hamburgers and ate in the car infront of a convenience store. It was fun to spend so much time with them but I just got so frustrated by the end not being able to talk to them the way I want.

So that bad mood has carried over to today since I really didn't get to see anyone or do anything besides grocery shopping and studying Spanish. This whole sitting around thing has really made me miss home and friends and family.

I miss you guys and I love you. Please keep praying for me and my Spanish and just living here in another culture and new people.

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Jennifer said...

Hey friend!

I know how that goes! Some days it gets slow here or I'll get everything done too fast and then I have to sit around for a few hours struggling to find something to do! The winters are much slower!!

I'm sorry your spanish isn't where you want it yet! It'll get there! I know it! :)

Love you!