Thursday, December 04, 2008

Micro Madness

So I have to take the Micro to and from Spanish class now. That means I take a bus to school. But they're not like the public bus transportation we have in the States. Have you ever heard of the short bus? For students with special needs. Well, here, there are hundreds of short buses painted white driving around all day. My first experience was yesterday. Granted, I'd been on the micro once before but I was with four other interns and a friend who lives here and he talked to everyone and did everything for us. So, yesterday was my first time by myself. I got on fine. No problem. I happily rode it for a good twenty minutes. Then it came time to get off. I forgot to tell you that the way you get on and off is different here too. To get on the micro, you just stand anywhere on the side of the street and they'll pull over to pick you up. There are no real bus stops. That goes the same for getting off. You can get off wherever you want. When you want to get off all you do is say "Bajan" which means something like stop and they'll pull over. So I said, "Bajan aqui, por favor" and I hear a teenage boy in the back repeat me. I'm sure because he was mimicking my accent. But it was kind of funny. Anyways, I'm slowly getting used it. One of my friends offered to give me a ride on his friend's horse so I didn't have to take the micro. I think I'll stick with the micro. :)

I spent all afternoon with Rosi yesterday. I took the micro to their house after class yesterday because Casey and Kourtney went to the States. Rosi and I made fish tacos, painted a wall in her house (purple!), and talked and laughed a lot. For some reason there were tons of flies in her house yesterday afternoon. They just covered the ceiling. So we got some big sheets of paper, rolled them up, lit them on fire and held them up to the ceiling so the flies would fly away and out the door. It was pretty nasty.

This Saturday, December 6th is our first women's ministry meeting at Roca Fuerte. Please pray for Rosi. I think she's pretty nervous. She really like working with kids but she has a harder time working with women older than her. I think because she's been hurt in the past. She told me yesterday that a woman from the neighborhood came up to her at church and told her that since Rosi is so you she doesn't have the wisdom or ability to teach anyone else anything and the woman said she didn't have anything to learn from Rosi. Rosi is 26. So you can pray for her. That God would give her love and wisdom in how to lead these women. That she would have confidence in the gifts God has given her and not doubt because of her age.


Allie Garcia said...

youre living the dream, dude. seriously. miss you! are you coming home for Christmas?

Neal C Benson said...

I am so proud of you! Keep it up