Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 1st - On the way!

*This is taken straight from my journal (Thanks Regan!)*

7:20 am
So I'm sitting at the gate in Las Vegas on my way to New York City. I with I could have some time to see some of NYC. That would be fun.

Lori and my mom dropped me off at the airport. We had extra time so we stopped to get some breakfast at a Mexican restraunt in the airport. But I couldn't eat because my stomach was in knots! It's better now.

Lori and Mom did very well at not crying which is good because if they would have cried I would have and I get embarrassed to cry in front of strangers. I got a little teary when I walked away. And I called my dad...

Sorry, I had to stop writing because I was starting to cry. I'm on the plane now so one can see my cry. But I called my dad when I was at the gate and he said that he was almost crying which made me want to cry. I am so lucky to be so loved by so many people. God has definitely blessed me!!

I'm happy I got a window seat on the plane.

10:15 am
This trip has already taught me something...My mom put together a care package in a manilla envelope for me. She said I coulsn't open it until I got on the plane. I thought it would be the norm like candy, food, stationery, etc. But there were pictures of my pets and family, a book about The Purpose Driven Life, and nine cards. Each card says something like "Open when you need Encouragement", "Open when you need a Smile", "Open after a trying day", "Open when you need a Hug", "Open on June 8th" (my birthday!). I can't believe she took that much time to put all of that together.

God has shown me how much I am LOVED!

1:00 pm
I couldn't figure out how to turn the light on in the bathroom just now on the plane so I went in the dark because I was to embarrassed to ask anyone. It was actually like a little adventure!

5:30 pm (NY time)
Well, the trip started out well. We got over Pennsylvania (right below NY) and had to fly in circles because of a storm near the JFK Airport. Then we had to fly to Albany (30 mins. from JFK) to refeul. I'm supposed to get on the plane to Dakar at 5:55 pm. Not gonna happen.

I went into the bathroon to call my mom because I knew I was going to cry. (I've done a lot of that already!) I'm glad I did because I cried more than I thought I would! I also called the travel agency but the didn't answer. So I'm not sure what's going to happen at JFK. We'll find out soon enough.

I don't know why this is happening. I know that God's plan is more complex than I understand, but this doesn't make sense. All I want to do is...well, all I want to do is do His will. So if this is part of His plan, then ok.

It's all part of the adventure, right?

12:24 pm
I will explain tomorow!

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