Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Home Again

Here are some pics of my last day in Mexico. It was a Sunday. In church that day, they surprised me by calling me up front. Almost every person in the church, including my dad, came up and said a few words to me as a going away thing. It made me cry a bunch!! Then, after, they had a little party for me with lunch and a cake. My dad was there because he picked me up in Ensenada and brought me back to Vegas.

It's almost like I never left. Falling right back into the life I left a year and a half ago. Everything here is the same but I'm different. I know I'm different but I think it will take me a while to see how. I mean, how could I not be different after a year and a half in Mexico?
My beautiful friends have allowed me to stay with them this week. I'm staying in a friend's room while she's actually in Mexico! She's attending a wedding in Cabo. Then Friday, I'll be going to Minnesota to visit my mom. I'll be with her a couple weeks visiting family and just hanging out. I haven't seen them since Christmas so it will be good to be up there.
I think I need to give myself some more time to reflect on my time in Mexico. I think Minnesota will give me some good time for that. Here in Vegas, there are so many people I want to see and catch up with so I keep myself pretty busy. I just want to make sure I get time to look back.

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Jaime said...

minnesota?! i was just there! :) glad you made it home safe! miss you and love you!