Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mofles is Spanish for Muffler

I'm sitting here enjoying a glass of ice. Yes. Ice. It's a treat here in Mexico. It is settling in my stomach on top of the mantaray soup we ate after church. Yes. Mantaray. These things...

Rafa makes a soup that is actually quite delicious. You'll have to come to Ensenada to try it!

So much has happened through this ministry over the past few weeks. Within the past month or so, we've built a boys dormitory for children with special needs, 10 houses, and the second story of Reyerio's church. We successfully survived the largest week of our summer! Last week, we hosted 81 people from Princeton, New Jersey. Through all of these teams, relationships have been formed that are so encouraging. And even if these people never see one another again, they'll have lasting memories that their change lives. Even in just a small way.

I have a new friend at the weekly Bible class (VBS) at Roca Fuerte. His name is Mofles (MOE-flays). It literally means muffler. He's a skinny, bronen-skinned boy whose amost 4 years old. Last week, he came to VBS in a pair of khaki shorts. That's it. It was another hot day so it made sense that he wouldn't want to put a shirt on. But his shoes. Where were his shoes? I jokingly asked what happened to his shirt and poked his belly just to get a glimpse of his cute little smile. But where were his shoes? When VBS ended we all went outside to play and eat snack. I could tell his feet were burning on the hot sand so we went to sit on a bench in the shade of the church. I asked, "Where are your shoes?" He told me he doesn't have any. This makes me sad. But as sad as that makes me, it makes me just as happy to just sit with him. They way he cuddles into my lap. Showing me his animal crackers (he thought it was a horse. i thought it was a rhinocerous.) His shy smile. His skinny arms. His dirty hands. He is God's. And God will take care of him. If God wants to use me to show him a little love, good. If God wants to use someone else, good. But God will take care of Mofles.

Please pray for Rosi because she's due to have her baby girl this week!!

Here are a few pictures from these past couple weeks that I like. Just imagine you're here with me!

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