Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a little sick

We just wrapped up with two groups. One from Owen Sound, Canada and the other from Big Bear, CA. Well, really they left a few days ago but I've been completely out of it because I've been a little sick.

But today is the first day since they left that I'm feeling really good. Kourtney and I went Mexican style (all 3 of us are sick with pretty much the same thing) and we went to get shots. The people here don't take pills. They get injections. If your back hurts, you get a shot. If you have a cold, you get a shot. And it's all available over the counter. We got shots of penicillin. There are three total. One in the morning, one at night, and one the next morning. I got my last shot this morning. If you think about it, shots are just more powerful and fast acting than pills. Because they go straight into your bloodstream and the doses are kind of a lot. So I'm a fan of the injections. Pills are overrated. :)

Please be praying for our health and safety down here. I'm thankful that we got sick after the group left but it hasn't been fun laying in bed and sleeping my life away the past couple days. This little sickness has helped to remind me that I won't be able to survive this summer if I'm running on my own strength. I have to press hard into Christ and ask the Spirit to fill me and give me strength. If I try to do it on my own, I'll fall hard.

For those of you who like pictures, a professional photographer came with the Big Bear group and they have lots of pictures up on their blog. They came to lay the concrete foundation for Jamin's church. I highly recommend checking them out! Click here to see the pics.

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