Monday, October 13, 2008

The Count Down Begins

Three weeks from today I'll be in Mexico.

Oh my goodness. I'm so excited!!

I called the two girls (Casey and Kourtney) I'll be working with a couple days ago. We are all doing the same year-long program called Global Ventures Praxis through the Christian and Missionary Alliance. They are super nice. They arrived in Maneadero just after I left. So by the time I get there they'll have been there for about two months.

Funny story: I got my teeth cleaned today. I decided I don't really want to go to a dentist in Ensenada so I better get it out of the way while I'm here. But it was really funny because the dentist and dental hygenist couldn't get over the tattoo on the inside of my lip. They kept looking at it and making comments and jokes. It made visiting the dentist a little more enjoyable!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

ahaha! I miss your lip tattoo!!! AND YOU!

I'll be in Vegas, but I think it's after you're gone already! :(

I'll fly out Dec. 5 and stay until the 10th.

I am so excited for you, though!!!