Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Remembering the Good Old Times

So, as some of you know, the car I bought from my dad has since died. One day it was fine and the next morning the transmission had given out. So at this point I'm not completely sure what do to. Do I get a new car, fix up the old one, or don't take a car at all. This decision now hangs on whether or not I will even be able to afford gas and car insurance for the year. I'm talking to the people at Praxis headquarters about how to go about this. Meanwhile, the sad, dead Isuzu is sitting in our driveway and I'm driving my dad's little hybrid car around town. (Much better on gas mileage!)

Speaking of Praxis, I haven't told you guys that this is the program I will be a part of while in Ensenada for the next year. The program is through The Christian and Missionary Alliance which is the denomonation of South Hills Church which is where I go to church here in Henderson. Here is the webiste with info if you are interested in checking it out. If you click on the "Communities" link and find Ensenada that is where I'll be working.

I talked to Tammie today and she asked me "So are you still missing Mexico?" My knee-jerk reaction is to say "Yes, of course." And I do miss living there and seeing all of my friends down there. But I don't constantly miss them and I don't constatly think about Mexico like I did when I first got home. I get so wrapped up in living and doing what I need to day-to-day. We are such a short minded people. How easily and quickly we forget the joys and love of the past. So I wanted to just put some pictures up here. Partly for you to see but also to remind myself of why I'm moving to a foreign country and why I'm raising so much money. It's all love.

The beach is only 20 minutes away! And it's so beautiful.

Of course I love and miss the kids so much. At each church I was able to get to know the kids and share life with them. One of the things my monthly support covers is language tutoring. I'm excited to go back and learn more Spanish so I can communicate much more easily.

This is Reynario (middle), his wife Ortencia (left), and Ruben (right). This picture was taken on the first Sunday and Reynario and Ortencia's newly built church. Ruben is the advisor of all of the C&MA churches in Ensenada and he was their to bless the new building.

The picture below was taken while we had a group from Princeton, NJ. They taught English for a couple days in a park in Ensenada that previous groups had helped paint and clean up.

Watching houses and churches being built from the ground up is so fun. Each group comes with such energy and excitement and the job is always done at the end of the week no matter how big the task is.

Thanks to all of you for your love and encouragement through my time back in the States. My plan right now is to head back to Ensenada in the first week of November. I'm not a big planner as most of you probably know so I haven't set a solid date. I don't like to put myself in a box. :) If you would like to support me please let me know. I would love to get to talk to you.

Please pray for boldness for me. It's not easy asking people for their money but I know God has all the money in the world and He will supply. I just need to ask. The worst someone can say is no, right?

I love you guys!

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Paige said...

Hey big sis-
You totally just made me a little emotional with the pictures and talking about missing it, but not also. thats exactly where im at with it too and its so hard to process. i really do miss the people so much and living there also, but it doesnt consume me anymore. kinda good, kinda not. anyway, miss you tons. cant wait to see you. hopefully soon.