Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Down. One to Go.

Only one month left. It's pretty nuts! I don't think I realized how long three months was when I signed up for this. I don't regret this but that's a freaking long time! That's 25% of the year!

I've been getting a little homesick. I miss your beautiful faces that cheer me up and make me smile. Things have been a bit rocky here. It's just hard because we work so much and get very little free time to go out and blow off steam. On Saturday we (the interns) thought we were going to have a day off like we normally do. Instead we are handed a long list of things to get done. We were unable to finish the list and not only did we not get any free time but we were also reprimanded for not getting everything done. It was just frustrating. I gave up my summer to come out here and I just really NEED to get out nad get a little crazy once in a while. So now it's work work work this week and we'll see what happens Saturday. The probalem is that none of us voices our struggles and problems. We just complain about it to one another and nothing good comes out of that. I should talk to Tammie about it. I just get intimidated and don't want to offend and don't like confrontation. How do you like those excuses?

Ok let me try to think of some good things that have been happening...the groupis building two houses this week in Reynario's community. I'm learning more and more Spanish. I don't have time to try to think of good things. I have to go work. I'm a bit of a Debbie Downer.

So I think you know how to pray for me.

I love you all!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
Crazy things must be going on there if you're thinking about getting your masters! Everything here is pretty much same old thing. Sounds like work there is pretty tough and frustrating... I don't have a lot of great wisdom but if I remember correctly when you came back from Africa you still wanted to be in Africa, right now you want to be home but when you get home you'll probably want to be in Mexico so try to enjoy it. That probably doesn't help, but everyone misses you and is thinking of you if that helps!

Jennifer said...

wah wah (debbie downer noise).

hahaha. I'm just teasing you. Ministry is draining. Especially with no breaks available. It gets like that up here at camp sometimes.