Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Numero Dos

It's the second day.

The team that was here when I got here left a few hours ago. They were from Canada. Today we finished painting a church and did a VBS (Vacation Bible School). A VBS is where we go to one of the churches here and bring the kids from the surrounding houses to sing and dance with them, teach them a Bible study and do a craft.

My Spanish is coming along very well. Faustino, one of the pastors, declared himself as my maestro (teacher) for the summer. I'll be just about fluent by the time I get home!!

This summer I really want to learn to trust and understand God's love for me. I just started reading this book by Brennan Manning called "Ruthless Trust". I want to understand how overwhelming his love is. If you know God's love for you there is a new joy and freedom in your life. I want that.

Now we don't have a team until June 14th. But that doesn't mean I won't have anything to do. The projects I have so far are to set up an iPod with all Spanish music, create a blog for Rick & Tami, create a chart for the VBS's this year with each kids name on it which will keep track of how often they memorize a verse, bring a parent to church, and something else that I forget (if they get 20 stars at the end of the summer they get to go to the Chinese buffet here!), organize clean up strategies for this summer, and help Rebecca (one of the missionaries daughters) to braid 400 bracelets.

I'll try to take some pictures soon to put on here.

Some of you guys asked for a mailing address. You can send things here:

Sarah Roney
c/o Rick & Tami Romano
9050 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

It's a church in San Diego that keeps the Romano's mail for them. We'll be able to check it one a week or so.

Ok, I have to go braid bracelts.

I love you guys.

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