Friday, June 16, 2006


This is trip is definitely full of firsts.

I ate termites for the first time. And probably the last. They weren’t too bad, but I wouldn’t say that I liked them. We dipped them in some Nutella and that made them taste much better.

I plucked a chicken for the first time. The chicken was a gift from a family that we went to visit. JD killed it by cutting the jugular and bleeding it to death. Then we put it in boiling water which makes the feathers very easy to take off. I kinda freaked out a bit before I started to pluck it, but once I got into it, it wasn’t too bad.

Me, Sarah, and Stacey were the “honored guests” at the inauguration of a café at one of our neighbors’ house. He made us the honored guests because we gave him money so he could give out free food on his first open night. We gave him $30 which bought enough food for about 100 people.

It’s weird to be stared at so much. There are only about 12 white people in Timbi Madina and all but one are CMA missionaries. So we are quite a sight. We have each gotten a few marriage proposals too. It’s very funny. We just tell them that they have to go to America and ask our father for permission.

Tomorrow, we are going to a neighboring village for the weekend. We will do an English camp and really just live like the people do. I’m very excited.

Please continue to pray for me.

I love you all!!


reganm said...

Hey Sarah,
It sounds like things are going pretty well there. I'm excited to hear more when you get back. I love you and miss you and will definately keep praying for you. I hope you had a great birthday!!!

Dale Roney said...

Hi Sarah ,
THE BEST FATHERS DAY PRESENT I got Was to see your doing well
( p. s. the shirt and shorts fit great thanks I love them.
Love Dad

Sara Myers said...

Hey, Old Woman! The ripe old age of 20 seems to be treating you well. I can't imagine how many termites it takes to make a complete meal! I remember that I spent my 21st birhtday in Rome, but I think your location tops that. You will be happy to know that yesterday was international refugee day and there were lots of stories in the newspapers and on the news channels about the plight of refugees everywhere, expecially stories about your invisable children in Uganda. Maybe, finally, the world will wake up and do something.
Praying for you all the time - sam ><>

Emily_is... said...

hey sarah! its emily. as in emily guillen. well, i am writing to tell you that i hope you are having fun in africa... and that we are relatively close to eachother... in terms that our countries we are in are next to eachother... once i have more time i will read up on what you are up too... but i just want to wish you luck on all your travels and be safe. and when you get back we should tell tales of our adventures.
love you.