Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Entering Week Four

It's Monday of week four and I'm feeling it. I'm tired, a little stressed, easily frustrated, and getting homesick. But I know that now is when I have to rely on God even more. I know that He is and will continue to help me through all of this.

We started an English camp today. We have it in the courtyard of the Duecks' house because they are now on home assignment. There are supposed to be nine students, but only four showed. They are all men; one is 21 and the rest are in their 40's I think. This is the advanced camp and next week we will do a beginner's one with a new group. Dee has been working with this advanced group for about three years. It's neat because this is a cool way that we can share Christ with these men. In the beginning of class, we had them memorize Luke 15:24 "For this son of mine was dead and is alive again, he was lost and is found." Then we drew water and had them describe in English what they were doing. We interviewed each other about our families. One man whose name is Mamadou (he was our tutor for Pular), asked me if I want to marry a man from Africa. People ask us that a lot here. I just told him that I would if God wills it. "Si Alla jabi" in Pular. Then Stacy told the Prodigal Son story which is where that verse is from. We had them retell the story in their own words and then act it out. Then we sang nursery rhymes. We had regraw for lunch. It's rice with the sauce already mixed in and potatoes, fish, squash, hot pepper, and hockatu (a bitter vegetable). And we had chocolate chip cookies that I made! After lunch, we played badmitton. Oh man! It was funny! They were not very good...but then again, neither were we! Mr. Jalo and I won 20 to 18. It was fun!

Then we came home to watch the World Cup. They LOVE the World Cup here. The electricity schedule pretty much revolves around game times. When a game is on, the power is on. It's not on too much besides that. But the house is hooked up to run on 12 volt power, so we don't have to live in the dark. There's a game on right now and there are about five men in the living room watching it. I think the games are fun to watch, but most of the time I read or take a nap.

Last weekend, we spent three days in a village. Now, this is a real village. We lived in mud huts, drew water from the well, farmed (I never knew it was so much work!), pounded with those big sticks (I tried, but spilt the dried sweet potatoes that we were pounding), and helped cook (all I really did was pick the gravel out of the rice). They cook all of their meals over the fire. There is no electricity. The bathroom is called a "squattie". In a small, brick building with tin roofing, there is a hole in the ground and two spots to put your feet. And you squat. The building is divided in half and on the other side is there you take a shower. The shower is really just a bucket of water and a cup. The mud huts were interesting. They gave us two huts. One had a twin size bed and the other was about the size of a queen size. Four of us slept on the queen and two on the twin. It was a tight squeeze on the queen size bed. We layed horizontally so my feet dangled off. The beds are filled with straw so they're not the most comfortable things to sleep on. But it was a great experience. The people were so nice. Like they all are here in Guinea.

I've been thinking about all of you guys a lot lately. And praying for all of you. I trust that all is well.

Please pray that I will quickly get over this cold, that God would give us opportunities to share the gospel and that we would preach with boldness, and that God would soften these mens' hearts and give them open ears, open eyes and open minds. Also pray that I will be a continuous testimony to Christ's love.

I hope that there are people reading this. I really want you guys to know what's going on here and how things are going. If you know of anyone who would want to read this, please tell them. And leave me comments because I miss all of you! Lori is putting all of these blogs up for me because all we have is email and no Internet, but she will email me the comments you guys leave. Lori, thank you for doing this. I love you!

With lots of love,
Sarah (Your favorite girl in Guinea!)


Kat said...

Sarah I love reading your blogs! I am so glad that you are doing so well in your Guinea experience. I know that you are probably exhausted, but continue to endure. God is using you in the lives of those men! Keep living as the beloved of Christ, and they will see God through you. Enjoy the time you have there! Blessings

dizzane said...

hey sarah i forgot my password but i fugured it out again. today is 6-28-06 and i leave for cali tomm. im going surfing..yay i am so happy to hear that you are doing well and having fun. i watch the world cup at work...maybe we watch the same games? haha dad says that instead of leaving you comments he leaves you a voicemail on your phone so im sure you'll have about 20 million when your home. i have been driving your car around since you left..your a lifesaver.... because i still dont have my car yet..but its getting shipped so hopefully by the time you get home ill have it. kelli says hi! and i have been preying for you and i know that God has big plans for you! i love you and cant wait to see you!

shine on....

reganm said...

Sarah!! It sounds like you're having an amazing adventure! I love you and miss you so much, and am praying for you a lot! You're such a brave, amazing woman of God - don't forget that. Continue to rely on Him and He will get you through to the end. Stay strong, Sarah, I'll see you soon!!
love you, Regan

rbicker said...

(Lori...did Sarah see all the notes from the breakout kids I posted a while back? If not could you resend those to her? Thanks)
Let me know if I need to send them again... (ryan@south-hills.org)

Sarah, we pray for you every week in Breakout! I never had to remind the kids. One of them always remembers and reminds me that we need to pray for you. They are so excited for you to get back and share about all you have done. I read them short peices of your blogs so they can kinda know what is going on. We all miss you so much back in here Vegas and look forward to seeing you soon!


Jessie said...

Hey there Sarah! This is Jessie Schanck, I just got back from Guinea on the 22nd... it is so weird being home! I really like seeing my family, but I miss Guinea so much!!! I am really happy to read your blog and see how your doing. I'm glad that you don't have malaria, that is the scariest thing i've ever had... keep taking your meds ;) Anyways, I'm praying for you and hope that your time in Guinea is drawing you closer to Christ. God bless hun!

~Jessie Schanck

TheSex said...

Hi Sarah. It's your best your friend Matt! I read a couple of your blogs and its sounds pretty tight there. I know your having a great time. I will get to reading all of your blogs. But I just wanted to say I miss you and I hope to see you soon.